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Working Groups

In line with the Hellenic Association of Treasurers goal of promoting the art of Treasury through education and collaboration,  various Working Groups have been formed to produce articles, papers, perform research and facilitate discussions and presentations amongst members of the association.

There are currently 7 active Working Groups, each one focusing on the following areas of interest:

  1. Cash Management & Treasury Infrastructure: 
    Engages with topics related to optimizing corporate cash flow, liquidity, and financial operations, emphasizing treasury management systems (TMS), banking relationships, and efficient cash management strategies. This group provides insights and fosters discussions and education to enhance financial infrastructure for Corporate Treasurers.
    WG Co-heads: Manos Valsamakis, Treasury Manager, Kaizen Gaming &  Sotiris Agious, Financial Controlling Manager, SARKK S.A


  2. Financial Risk Management:
    Focuses on topics related to the identification, assessment, and mitigation of financial risks, including market, credit, and operational risks. Through discussions and educational initiatives, this group equips Treasurers with strategies to safeguard financial health in diverse economic landscapes.
    WG Head: Dimitris Siokis, Group Treasury Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company


  3. Corporate & Sustainable Finance:
    Explores topics and integrates sustainability principles into financial decision-making, responsible investing, ESG considerations, and sustainable finance practices. By highlighting these themes, the group aims to align financial strategies with corporate sustainability objectives for Treasurers.
    WG Head: George Tsinidis, Credit Control & Treasury Director, NOVA


  4. Blockchain & Digital Assets:
    Engages with topics related to digital assets and blockchain technologies, exploring their impact on traditional treasury functions. This group informs and educates Treasurers on leveraging distributed ledger innovations for secure transactions, digital currency considerations, and their implications for treasury management.
    WG Head:  Panagiotis Ziampras, Corporate Treasury Associate, BlackRock

  5. Brain & Business Gain:
    By spearheading independent initiatives and fostering collaborations with the public sector, this working group aims to create an environment conducive to business growth and job creation, for the benefit of all Treasury professionals in Greece. Through its proactive approach and partnerships, it seeks to bolster the country's attractiveness for businesses and professionals, driving economic development within the financial landscape.
    WG Head: Alexandros G. Koliavras, Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance Transformation, ING Americas


  6. Bank Treasury: Explores topics specific to bank treasury functions, encompassing liquidity management, regulatory compliance, and balance sheet optimization strategies. By focusing on these areas, the group provides insights and educates about the unique challenges faced by Treasurers within banks and other credit institutions.
    WG Head: Ioannis Bimpas, Treasury Hedge Accounting Manager, Barclays Investment

  7. Shipping Treasury:
    The working group dives into innovative financing mechanisms tailored to the maritime sector, including ship mortgages, sale, and leaseback arrangements, alternative funding sources, fuel price volatility, regulatory compliance and maritime law, international sanction regimes, and emerging regulatory trends impacting the treasury function.
    WG Head: Yannis Lefas, FCT, Assistant Treasurer, GasLog Ltd.

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