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Hellenic Factors Association (HFA)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between HAT and HFA

A Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between HAT and HFA with the main goals being the joint initiation of various events like workshops and webinars, the education and empowerment of both parties’ members, the publication of articles and many more actions which are going to have a positive impact on the Greek Business community.

Such partnerships have the potential to create positive synergies not only for the individual members of both associations but also for the Greek economy and the entrepreneurship environment in our country as a whole.

The Hellenic Factors Association (HFA) was founded on the grounds of a mutual understanding that all factoring members activated in the Greek market should be at last represented by an institutional body with the purpose of solving common problems of concern, promoting factoring business and following up on international developments via similar institutions of the European market.

Their aim and purpose is: 

  • the promotion of factoring in the Greek market,

  • the training of Greek companies on the use of factoring

  • keeping abreast of global and international trends (as they are members of the EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance while their individual constituent members are all members of Factors Chain International FCI where Greece ranks 6th in volume).

  • Advocating to government for decisions that impact the use of factoring (such as for the implementation of Law 4738/2020 which reduced the stamp duty)

HFA operates 2 permanent committees namely:

  • Education & Communication Committee (e.g., offering factoring seminars to universities)

  • Technical Committee (e.g.,follows up on regulatory, legislative, prudential and accounting issues) 

and several ad hoc committees (Data Protection Committee, AML/CFT Committee etc).

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