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3rd International Treasury Summit


8 September 2023, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the HAT’s 2023 – 3rd International Treasury Summit, Greece’s Crown Jewel Treasury event registration webpage.

On September 8th, we will host International Treasurers and an exquisite lineup of speakers from around the world in Athens, the city that gave birth to democracy at the beautiful Benaki Museum.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our distinguished members, honorable sponsors, esteemed guests, and the wider Greek and International business community from overseas interested in the Greek Market and its immense potential. 

Welcome to Greece! 


Alexandros Koliavras

HAT President

Agenda - 3rd HAT International Treasury Summit

Time                                        Duration                               Topic

08:00 - 09:00                           60'                                    Registration and Welcome Coffee                                                                                        

09:00 - 09:20                           20’                                    Opening Remarks: “Reflecting on HAT’s 3rd year”

                                                                                                Alexandros Koliavras,  Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance                                                                                                                      Transformation at ING Americas,  HAT President, EACT Board Member, IGTA                                                                                                    Representative

                                                                                                 Chariton Papatriantafyllou, Senior Officer, Strategy & Investments Alpha Bank,

                                                                                                 HAT Treasurer

                                                                                                 Iliana Angelakis, Head of Treasury and Fintech at Public Group, HAT Board Member

09:20 - 09:30                           10’                                   “ Transforming the role of the treasurer, moving from treasury to sustainability                                                                                                   and linking ESG with Treasury.”

                                                                                                 Presentation: Joanna Bonnet, Head of Sustainability and Group Treasury, Page Group


09:30 - 10:00                           30’                                    “ ESG challenges for Treasurers – an impact that matters”

                                                                                                Alexandros Petrakidis, Head of Large Corporate Division II, Eurobank

                                                                                                Craig Gosnell, Senior Director, ESG/Sustainability, Sustainable Fitch

                                                                                                Joanna Bonnett, Head of Sustainability and Group Treasury, Page Group


                                                                                                Mania Kimpezi, Director, Global Treasury Operations, LyondellBasell

10:00 - 10:10                           10’                                      “Sustainable Fitch – ESG Rating Regulation update”

                                                                                                 Presentation: Craig Gosnell, Senior Director, ESG/Sustainability, Sustainable Fitch

10:10 - 10:20                           10’                                      “2H 2023 corporate outlook”

                                                                                                 Presentation: Alex Griffiths, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Ratings,                                                                                                       Fitch Ratings


10:20 - 11:00                          40’                                     “Adapting to a Higher Risk Environment: End to End Risk Management for                                                                                                          Corporate Treasuries”


                                                                                                Ioannis Seimenis, Assistant General Manager & Head of Sales Unit, Eurobank Markets

                                                                                                Alex Griffiths, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Ratings, Fitch Ratings

                                                                                                Stella Dimaraki, Group Treasurer and Executive Board Member, Aegean


                                                                                                Dimitris Siokis, Group Treasurer, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

11:00 - 11:10                           10'                                          Coffee                                                                                                                                              


11:10 - 11:35                          25’                                        “Investing in Greece: Shared Service Centers Vol2"


                                                                                                Nikos Stamou, Investments Promotion Director - Energy, Environment & Services,                                                                             Enterprise Greece

                                                                                                Christos Kourouniotis, Tax Partner, EY

                                                                                                Chryssa Markopoulou, Director, Business Consulting, EY

11:35 – 12:15                         40’                                        “The role of Treasury in a transformative era


                                                                                                Kostas Stathopoulos, Partner at Ernst & Young

12:15 - 12:55                          40’                                       “Interest Rates & Inflation - A case between Scylla & Charybdis


                                                                                                Emmanouil Karimalis, Director, Macro Rates Strategist, UBS - Investment Bank

                                                                                                Vasileios Gkionakis, former EMEA Head of G10 FX Strategy

                                                                                                Theodoros Stamatiou, Senior Economist, Economic Analysis & Financial Markets                                                                               Research Division, Eurobank


                                                                                                Ioannis Bimpas, BS Hedge Accounting Management at Barclays

12:55 – 13:10                         15’                                        “Credit assurance: an “invisible” partner safeguarding a treasurer’s cash flow ”


                                                                                                Kyriakos Tzitziris, Head of Sales at Allianz Trade


                                                                                                Nikos Polymenakos, Treasury Manager, Delta Foods


13:10 - 14:00                           50'                                         Lunch                                                                                                                                               


14:00 - 15:15                         1h15’                                   “Battle of the Titans: Global Cash Forecasting Firechat


                                                  15'                                        Michal Czerniecki, Head of Presales, CEE & Middle East & Africa, Kyriba,

                                                  15'                                        Olivier Zurel, Senior Sales Executive, FIS | Luca Crivellari, Sales Executive, FIS 

                                                  15'                                        Tassos Dimopoulos, Director, Salmon Software | Iain Norman, Senior Business                                                                             Solutions Specialist

                                                  15'                                        Gilles Bonlong, Director, TitanTreasury, Centrus

                                                  15'                                        Jacques Yana Mbena, VP Solutions Architect, TIS


                                                                                               Apostolos Bertolis,  Finance Manager - Treasurer, Fraport Greece

15:15 – 15:35                           20’                                     “A Tough Day in Treasury, theatre play featuring The Treasurer and The CFO”


                                                                                               Ionut Lucian Grama, Director of Sales, CEE, Greece & Turkiye, Kyriba,

                                                                                               Michal Czerniecki, Head of Presales, CEE & Middle East & Africa

15:35 – 15:50                           15’                                     “New Trends in Corporate Risk Hedging”


                                                                                                Salih Car, Head of Sales Southeast Europe, Israel, CIS at 360T

                                                                                                Nikolaos Papamichail, Project Manager, 360T Trading Networks

                                                                                                Kerim Sunguroglu, Client Advisory Services Manager, 360T

15:50 - 16:05                           15'                                          Coffee                                                                                                                                             

16:05 - 16:45                          40’                                     “Navigating the Future: EU blockchain & crypto regulations & evolution”


                                                                                                Mehmet Kerse, Senior Consultant, Digital Euro Association (DEA)

                                                                                                Dr. Anastasia Mallerou, Senior Legal Counsel, former legal counsel at DIAS                                                                                                        Dr. Somdip Dey, Lecturer, University of Essex


                                                                                                Panagiotis Ziampras, Associate, BlackRock

16:45 - 17:25                          40’                                      “Deep Dive into the relationship of Treasurer, CFO, and the Board


                                                                                                Francois Masquelier, Chair EACT, Chair ATEL, CEO Simply Treasury

                                                                                                Erwin Bastianen, Director Treasury, Nike,  Chair of the Technical Committee                                                                                                     and Board member DACT                                                                                                                                                                                                           Caroline Stockmann, Deputy Chair IGTA, President, NACT, former Chief                                                                                                               Executive ACT 

                                                                                                Helmut Schnabel, Chairman IGTA, Chairman, GEFIU (Association of CFOs of                                                                                                    Germany).  


                                                                                                Alexandros Koliavras,  Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance                                                                                                                      Transformation at ING Americas,  HAT President, EACT Board Member, IGTA                                                                                                    Representative

17:25 - 17:40                           15'                                          Coffee                                                                                                                                              

17:40 – 18:20                           40’                                      “APIs & Next-Gen Transaction Banking Services: From Theory to Practice”


                                                                                                Athanassios Daflos: Head of Transaction Banking Solutions Global                                                                                                                         Transaction Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, Eurobank.

                                                                                                Moderator: Marianna Polykrati, Group Treasurer, Avramar, HAT Board Member

18:20 – 18:40                           20’                                    “HAT Treasury Award 2023

                                                                                                Iliana Angelakis, Head of Treasury and Fintech at Public Group, HAT BM

                                                                                                Alexandros Bellos, Director, Treasury, PVH Corp, HAT BM


18:40 - 18:55                           15’                                      “Closing Remarks 

                                                                                               Alexandros Koliavras,  Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance                                                                                                                      Transformation at ING Americas,  HAT President, EACT Board Member, IGTA                                                                                                     Representative

19:00 - 22:00                          3h'                                       “DInner & Drinks




Athanassios Daflos

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Athanassios Daflos,Head of Transaction Banking Solutions Global Transaction Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking,Eurobank. Leading Payments, Cash Management, and Intelligent Services divisions, with over 18 years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. He has introduced major transformative programs in all fields of Business Banking, drives Eurobank Extroversion initiatives and Technology ecosystems like and Digital Academy for Business, and leads the new breed of intelligent services in Banking, Payments and Cash Management, focusing on innovative technology vectors that transform our world such as Blockchain, APIs and AI. Has served as Director of Information Technology in Technology Companies, Technology Consultant at Scientific Organizations and Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Member of the ExCo at Eurobank Factors, supporting the company vision to achieve top-level global distinctions. He holds a degree in Physics, MSc in Information Technology and MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business and has been a member of numerous scientific-research projects at the University of Athens


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Alexandros Petrakidis

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Seimenis Ioannis.JPG
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Ioannis Seimenis is Assistant General Manager and Head of the Sales Unit at Eurobank Markets. With 34 years of experience in Treasuries Dept. in Greece (Anz-Grindlays, Société Générale, Eurobank) initially as a money market and fixed income trader, acted for almost 20 years as a distributor of FX, Rates & Commodities hedging instruments primarily to corporates. His team serves Eurobank's all networks clients daily needs but also provides cover for their asset and liabilities -market related- risks. He has also expsure in corporate’s debt issuance business and in structured products manufacturing and distribution. He participates with a key role in various projects regarding the transition to bank’s digital offering and the implementation of regulatory compliance updates.


img _184.jpg

Theodoros Stamatiou

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Theodoros Stamatiou is a Senior Economist in the Economic Analysis & Financial Markets Research Division at Eurobank SA, where he also serves as a Voting Member for the Euro Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates and a Member of the Benchmarks Task Force for the European Banking Federation. Concurrently, he is a Research Fellow in the Department of Banking and Financial Management at the University of Piraeus in Greece. Before assuming his current roles, he served on the Council of Economic Advisors at the Greek Ministry of Finance between September 2014 and March 2015. Earlier in his career, from October 2009 to August 2014, he was a Research Economist in the Research & Forecasting Division at Eurobank-Ergasias SA. Stamatiou completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Banking and Financial Management in 2009 at the University of Piraeus, Greece. He earned an MSc in Economic Analysis from the Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece and another MSc in International Economics, Banking, and Finance from the University of Wales, UK. His undergraduate studies in Economics were completed at the University of Athens, Greece.

Alexandros Petrakidis is Head of the Large Corporate Division covering relationships with leading groups in energy, infrastructure, large industrials, telecommunications, and gaming sectors along with niche clients, across the Eurobank group geographies.


Before joining Eurobank in 2009, he served as a Senior Relationship Manager at Piraeus Bank where he spent 8 years in various business development roles in its Corporate Banking Division. Having more than 25 years of experience in Corporate Banking, he has a strong track record of involvement (often with a leading role) in numerous major financing and restructuring transactions. He holds a master's degree in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter and a bachelor's in economics from the University of Piraeus.




Christos Kourouniotis

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Christos is currently Tax Partner with EY Athens and the TP Leader of EY for Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Christos has 18 years of experience in the provision of professional tax advisory services and since 2009 specializes in the provision of structuring/planning and transfer pricing documentation services. Since 2017 Christos supervises the transfer pricing practice of EY Cyprus and also serves as a subject matter expert for other offices in Southern East Europe.
He has a Degree in Business Management from the University of Piraeus and holds an MSc in Internal Audit and Management from the Bayes Business School in London, UK (former CITY Business School). He is a member of the Hellenic Economic Chamber and he is a licensed Greek Account (A class).


Christos has worked on a wide range of projects covering tax strategy and planning, tax impact from restructurings, tax due diligence, forensic tax, tax controversy, IP box regimes, and transfer pricing. His experience spans all sectors, with more significant experience in Technology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer goods, Telecommunications, and Financial services sectors.
He is specialized in the operationalization of transfer pricing policies and combined analysis of transfer pricing with other tax considerations (PE issues, withholding tax issues, LoB, issues of substance for effective management, and GAAR purposes).
Christos has gained experience on international projects pertaining to transfer pricing issues in various European countries, as well as in transfer pricing documentation and audits in non-European countries.



Kostas Stathopoulos

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Kostas is a Partner in the Consulting service line of EY Greece and leading the Consulting Services to CFOs, focusing on integrated solutions and projects to transform the finance operations through the use of new technologies. ​He holds 20 years of professional experience, being with EY since 2017. Previously he was a partner in another Big-4 firm, leading the Treasury and Financial Instruments team. He has an MPhil in International Finance from the University of Glasgow and a BSc in Economics from the Athens University of Economics & Business. ​He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and member of Greek Institute of Public Accountants. ​

Kostas has led a large number of projects relating to Finance and Treasury Operations, Finance Transformation, Derivatives accounting and valuation, hedging and hedge accounting. He has managed engagements across all industries, focusing on banks and insurance companies but also with several large corporates.  


CMarkopoulouEY Photo.jpg

Chryssa Markopoulou

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Chryssa is a Director in the Finance Consulting team of EY Greece, leading projects on finance and treasury transformation through the use of emerging technologies. Having joined EY since 2015, she now holds 15 years of professional experience focusing on financial risk management and finance transformation consulting services for financial services and large organizations.

Chryssa holds a PhD in “Correlation modelling with application to risk management” from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), an MBA with specialization in Financial Engineering from the same university and a BSc in Banking and Financial Management from the University of Piraeus. She has worked on a number of projects focusing on treasury transformation, liquidity management and planning, regulatory compliance as well as hedging structuring and hedge accounting. Her experience spans across several industries and Financial Services.  


photo Ionut Grama.jpg

Ionut Grama

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Ionut Grama coordinates the Kyriba Fintech in the CEE region, being responsible for the company's business development operations in this region. Kyriba is the global leader in automation and digitization solutions for corporate treasuries, with clients in over 120 countries. Having over 2 decades of experience in management, business development and consulting for the adoption of new technologies, digitization of processes and automation in finance and treasury, Ionut was mandated by Kyriba to initiate, build and develop the company's business in this new region for Kyriba. The team coordinated by Ionut promotes, facilitates and implements the automation of finance and treasury processes of medium and large companies in Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic States and Turkey.



Michal Czerniecki

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Currently leading the Presales function of Kyriba in the CEMEA region,


Michal is a Finance Expert and former Corporate Treasurer, passionate about Technology, Risk Management and Treasury with a strong background in Accounting and Finance. Broad experience in Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting and Treasury Operations gained through various auditing, consulting and treasury roles.

Fitch Ratings


Alex Griffiths

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Alex Griffiths is Managing Director, Head of Corporate Ratings for Europe, Middle East and
Africa. Fitch’s EMEA corporate rating work is carried out by more than 110
dedicated corporate analysts, based in 10 cities, who cover all aspects of the rating and surveillance of non-financial corporates across the region. Alex joined Fitch in London in 2005 as a corporate analyst, and has held a number of different roles, most recently as Fitch’s Credit Policy Group with responsibility for monitoring the quality of global corporate ratings. He started at Fitch as an analyst specializing in Telecoms, Media and Technology, then became Head of Research for EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Between 2012 and 2016 he ran the EMEA Natural Resources team.
Prior to this, Alex spent eight years with Deloitte's audit practice, where he gained experience ranging from transaction services work to audit, IFRS transitions, expert witness assignments and sector research.
Alex read economics at St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Sustainable Fitch


Craig Gosnell

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Craig Gosnell leads Sustainable Fitch’s business development strategy for Corporate Issuers. Craig has had extensive engagement with Issuers and market participants on ESG/Sustainability both pre and post the launch of Sustainable Fitch in September 2021.

Craig has been at Fitch since 2009 in a variety of business development roles focusing on Corporates and has previously served as the Fitch Ratings Head of Relationship Development for EMEA Corporates.



Olivier Zurel

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Olivier is in charge of the FIS Corporate Liquidity business in Greece and Switzerland. FIS is the largest fintech in the world, and it offers advanced treasury management software solutions.

In his time at FIS, Olivier built strong connections with global companies and organizations, helping them to achieve treasury management excellence.


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Luca Crivellari

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Based in Milan, but a regular visitor of Athens, Luca is in charge of the FIS Corporate Liquidity business in Greece and Italy. FIS is the largest fintech in the world and it offers advanced treasury management software solutions.

Luca is a member of AITI, the Italian Corporate Treasurers Association, and he writes regularly articles on the AITI magazine, as well as on other specialized media outlets. Before joining FIS, Luca spent eight years in UniCredit, working for their cash management division.

Salmon Software


Tassos Dimopoulos

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With more than 15 years of experience in financial services & capital markets, education in Management from Harvard University and a background in treasury, Tassos Dimopoulos is the Director of project management for Salmon Software.


Tassos Dimopoulos also contributes to research & development by analysing current trends in treasury and suggesting solutions to the development team.

Salmon Software


Iain Norman

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With over 13 years of experience in the treasury sector and a background in implementations including large cash management and forecasting projects, Iain Norman is currently the leading senior systems specialist for Salmon Software and spearheads Salmon’s presales team.


As such he is heavily involved in new development including the latest market trends and standards to meet the treasury needs of Salmon’s global client base.


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Jacques Yana Mbena,

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Jacques Yana Mbena, VP Solutions Architect is a passionate entrepreneur and treasury professional, who has implemented and worked with different TMS within corporates. Based on these experiences and in his role as VP solutions architect at TIS, his goal is to help companies decide to digitize their payment ecosystem, to go for a platform that helps to connect the CFOs office by integrating the ERP landscape and connecting it best to the bank, and to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership by removing complexity. He strongly believes in the power of delivering on its promises, improving organizational agility and innovation.


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Gilles Bonlong

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Gilles leads the Analytics team at Centrus Financial Advisors, managing all titanTreasury implementation projects across London, Athens and Dublin. titanTreasury is the expert Treasury Management System (TMS) that offers financial departments and treasurers the best functionalities for monitoring and controlling operational market risk (rate, foreign exchange, commodities), credit and liquidity risks. 

Allianz Trade

Kyriakos Tzitziris photo.jpeg

Kyriakos Tzitziris

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Kyriakos Tziziris is the Head of Sales of Allianz Trade in Greece. Specializing in Risk management, he has a successful 16-year career in the Credit Insurance industry, having held senior positions in the Risk Assessment, Underwriting, and Sales departments of Allianz Trade, also undertaking important projects in matters of quality information collection and automated risk assessment, digital transformation of risk-taking decisions and a customer-centric sales culture.


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Salih Car

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Salih Car is heading the Southeast Europe Region at 360T - Deutsche Börse Group for 13 years. Especially  focusing on supporting digitisation of Corporates, Banks and Asset Managers in Automation, Trade and Risk Management from DBGs London Office. Prior to this position Salih has headed different teams for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, CEE and MENA Regions in Investment Banking Departments within German Banks such as WestLB, HSH Nordbank and DZ Bank for more than 10 years. Salih started his career as a licensed Eurostoxx Equity Broker at Stuttgart Stock Exchange in 1998. 


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Francois Masquelier

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François has founded Simply Treasury, a company that delivers advisory in treasury, corporate finance and ERM. Before and until December 2019, he was Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury and Enterprise Risk Management at RTL Group, leading European media company. He joined RTL in 1997. Before, he worked for Eridania Béghin-Say and ABN.AMRO.


He is Doctor in Tax Law, has degree in Economy and Administration from the University of Liège and is graduated from the Solvay Business School as Executive master’s in management. He is certified ICIS and ICIP (Internal Controls Institute Professional) and ISO 31000 certified. He is also certified from Sacred Heart University (SHU) in Private Equity Funds.


He is Chair of Association of Corporate Treasurers of Luxembourg (ATEL), Chair of European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT), member of the Financial Instrument Working Group created by the IAS Board in 2004. He has also been appointed as Specialist at The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) since November 2009. He is a regular contributor to different corporate finance and treasury magazines and newspapers.


He is Editorial Director of the “Treasury Magazine”. He gives trainings and courses for House of Training Luxembourg and FEBELFIN Brussels. He is an active thought treasury leader in Europe and is known for his presentations, lectures, videos, and articles published in finance magazines for more than 20 years.



Erwin Bastianen

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Erwin is board member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers (DACT) since 2019. He is the vice chair of the board and chair of DACT’s technical committee. DACT was one of the founding parties of the international Treasury associations EACT and IGTA and Erwin is DACT’s representative on both boards. DACT was founded in 1996 and currently has about 750 members.


Next to that, Erwin is Treasury Director at the European headquarters of NIKE covering topics like senior management reporting, cash flow forecasting, counterparty risk management, digital payments and crypto. Before joining NIKE in 2017, he spent eight years in treasury consulting, mostly at PwC. Erwin holds a master’s degree in Finance and a postgraduate degree in Treasury Management & Corporate Finance.


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Caroline Stockmann

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Caroline Stockmann: Non-Executive Director, Deputy Chair of the International Group of Treasury Associations, and past Chief Executive of the Association of Corporate Treasurers


Caroline Stockmann was Chief Executive of the Association of Corporate Treasurers from February 2017 to April 2023.


Prior to that Caroline had 20 years’ experience in senior finance, commercial and strategic posts at a number of large commercial and not-for-profit organisations. These included British Council, Save the Children International, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland), Cadbury Schweppes, Granada plc and Unilever/ Bestfoods (Thailand, Netherlands and UK). Much of her working life has been spent overseas.


Caroline trained with KPMG and is a Fellow (FCA) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).  She has filled numerous roles on boards over the years, current roles including Board member and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), member of the Finance and Investment Committee of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Deputy Chair of the International Group of Treasury Associations and Board member and Treasurer of Oxfam International.  


Caroline is a linguist, musician, trained coach and passionate bell ringer, and is married with two children.

Caroline has travelled the world running seminars on leadership and strategic influencing, often with a focus on diversity and inclusion, and has written courses on leadership for a number of organisations.



Helmut Schnabel

Helmut Schnabel is Chairman of IGTA, International Group of Treasury Associations, comprised of around 30 member associations from all continents. He is as well Chairman of GEFIU, the Association of Chief Financial Officers Germany. He started his professional career at an industrial corporation in New York, N.Y., USA. 


He later has worked for many years as Head of Group Treasury of a leading German chemical and pharmaceutical industrial corporation group, and also as managing board member responsible for asset management of a corporate pension insurance corporation and subsequently of a Swiss asset management firm. Presently he is active by way of his own asset management advisory firm. He is also teaching in management seminars on financing matters.



Stella Dimaraki, CFA

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Stella Dimaraki is Aegean Airlines Group Treasurer and executive Board Member. Her areas of responsibility include risk management, asset liability management, capital debt and equity markets and investor relations. She is part of Aegean Airlines team since 2007 and during her term she has led key strategic projects including Olympic Air’s acquisition and most recently the Company’s state aid agreement. Stella is a CFA Charterholder. She studied in the UK, Greece and Sweden, earning an MA in Finance & Investment from the University of Exeter and a BSc in Maritime Studies from the University of Piraeus. She is a member of Aegean’s Sustainability Committee while she previously served as a member of IATA Treasury Working Group and a member of Olympic Air’s Board of Directors.

Coca Cola HBC


Dimitris Siokis, FRM

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Dimitris Siokis is Group Treasurer at Coca Cola Hellenic. Dimitris has strong background in Corporate Treasury, Risk/Portfolio Management & Structuring after spending more than 20 years in Buy/Sell side Banking and Advisory roles in UK, Luxembourg and Greece.



Mania Kimpezi

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Mania Kimpezi, is since 2022 the Director of Global Treasury Operations in LyondellBasell, a leader in the global chemical industry. Before that, she worked 14 years in various roles within corporate treasury in Coca-Cola Hellenic and 7 years in the banking sector. Her area of responsibility includes among others cash management, FX trading, payments, trade finance, supporting M&As, bank relationship management and compliance. Throughout her career she has also built strong experience in internal and external financing.

Enterprise Greece


Nikos Stamou

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Investment Promotion Director for Energy, Environment and Services at Enterprise Greece, the national Investment and Trade Promotion Agency supervised by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nikos has worked with the Investment Promotion Directorate since 2008, in the Technology, Innovation, Logistics, Environment and Energy sectors, having organized and participated in more than 70 business missions abroad in key investment markets globally, promoting the broad range of investment opportunities that make Greece a unique investment destination. Within this period Nikos has also completed a 3-year secondment at the Greek Energy Regulator (RAE) in the licensing of renewable energy projects.

Prior to EG Nikos has worked in the Information Technology and Market Research industries, in the private sector, the European Parliament and the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance.

During his career he has participated as a member in several (interministerial) Committees and Working Groups on Energy, Logistics and Investments.

Nikos is a graduate of Lancaster University (BSc Economics) and a post-graduate of
Manchester University (UMIST), with an MSc in Business Economics.

Digital Euro Association


Mehmet Kerse

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Mehmet Kerse is a digital innovation and financial inclusion consultant. He works with multiple organisations including the World Bank Group and United Nations on digital financial services regulation and supervision - recently focusing on fintech, digital banking, mobile money, bigtechs, CBDCs, cryptoassets, and instant payments. He is also a senior expert at Digital Euro Association. He has worked with numerous regulators and supervisors primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Arab countries. Mehmet began his career as a bank supervisor in the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority of Turkey. Mehmet has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Turkey’s Bilkent University.



Dr. Somdip Dey

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Somdip Dey, also professionally known as InteliDey, is an Embedded Artificial Intelligence scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, AI art & music creator and TED speaker. Dey is the CEO of Nosh Technologies and a Lecturer at the University of Essex, UK. Dey is named an MIT Innovator Under 35 Europe 2022 and World IP Review Leader 2022. Dey is a member of the technical program committee and reviewer of several top technical conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Design Automation in fields such as AAAI, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ASAP, IEEE EdgeCom, IEEE CSCloud, etc. He is also an editor of numerous academic journals.

Mallerou Law Firm


Dr. Anastasia Mallerou

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Dr. Anastasia Mallerou is a legal expert in payment systems and payment services law
also having a solid background in corporate law and governance, banking & securities
law, and ICT law and contracting on both a national and cross-border level.
Until December 2022, she was for more than two decades the Chief Legal Counsel and
for seven years a member of the Board of Directors in the leading retail payment
system and the first financial technology company in Greece.
She has served as a member of the European Payments Council Legal Support Group
advising on the introduction of the SEPA, and as an associate for the regulatory
framework of payment systems of the Hellenic Bank Association.


She is a lecturer in the European Law & Governance School (ELGS) of the European
Public Law Organization; as of September 2023, she will be a lecturer of Fintech
Regulation at the University of Piraeus Graduate Program. She is an invited speaker at
various conferences and fora.
Anastasia has studied Law in Greece (University of Athens) and the United States
(Boston University), holding an LL.M. in International Banking & Securities Law and a
Ph.D. in the Law of Electronic Money. She has also studied Philosophy and holds a
second Ph.D. in Neoplatonic Philosophy from the University of Athens. She is fluent in
Greek, French, English, and Italian.


Panagiotis Ziampras.jpg

Panagiotis Ziampras, CFA

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Panagiotis Ziampras is a Corporate Treasury Associate at BlackRock, based in London. Panagiotis has 6 years of Treasury experience in Financial Services, in areas spanning across liquidity, FX & risk management in sectors such as Asset Management, FX Brokerage & Global Payments.

Panagiotis earned a MSc in Investment Analysis from Aston Business School in 2017 and is a CFA Charterholder.



Emmanouil Karimalis

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Emmanouil Karimalis is a Macro Rates Strategist at UBS. Based in London, he runs rates strategy research and provides investment advice to institutional clients, with a specialisation in European sovereign and interest rate swap markets. Emmanouil joined UBS in July 2022, following three years of running EUR rates research at Barclays. Before that, from 2015 to 2019, he worked as a Portfolio Allocation and Risk Manager at the Markets Division and as a Risk Specialist at the Financial Infrastructure Division at the Bank of England. Emmanouil holds a PhD in Finance from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) and an MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Warwick. Prior to pursuing his doctoral studies, he worked at JP Morgan as a market risk analyst, specialising in commodities markets.


Vasileios Gkionakis

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Vasileios Gkionakis was the EMEA Head of CitiFX strategy at Citigroup until June 2023. He worked as the Global Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy at Lombard Odier Wealth Management in Geneva. Before Lombard Odier, he was the Co-Head of Strategy Research (Equities, Rates, Credit and Cross Asset) & Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy at UniCredit Bank Research. Before that, he worked as Emerging Market Strategist and Economist at BofA Merrill Lynch, Research Division in London. He also spent six years at Fulcrum Asset Management in London, as Economist, Research Director and Portfolio Manager. Vasileios holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the LSE.


Ioannis Bimpas.jfif

Ioannis Bimpas

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Ioannis Bimpas is Hedge Accounting Entity Controller at Barclays Investment Bank.He has strong international experience in Accounting and Auditing with PwC and EY across Greece , UK and USA before joining Barclays.His areas of responsibility include Balance Sheet Management, Interest Rate Risk in Banking Books, Market Risk,  FX  and Hedging Strategies. He serves the Hellenic Association of Treasurers as a member of the Audit Committee and Head of Bank Treasury Working Group.

Delta Foods


Nikos Polymenakos

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Nikos is a Certified Treasury & Project Management Professional with over 20 years of experience in managing cash, liquidity and trade finance. He started his career in banking and then moved to the FMCG sector working for both global and local corporations. He is currently Treasury Manager for Delta Foods. Passionate about blockchain technology & digital assets he is doing his part towards adoption.


Apostolos Bertolis_edited.jpg

Apostolos Bertolis

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Apostolos is a highly experienced finance professional with a career spanning over 25 years in respected companies such as BP, IBM, Frigoglass, and Fraport Greece.


Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in centralizing cash management, implementing new procedures, and optimizing cash flow across multiple countries and continents.


Notable achievements include enhancing hedging policies, developing structured Group Treasury policies, and successfully implementing new Treasury Management System (TMS).


Apostolos excels in debt
management, banking relationships, risk management, and intercompany transactions.


Since January 2017, he has held the position of Finance Manager at Fraport Greece, where he has full responsibility for Project Finance and Treasury operations in Greece.

Apostolos has been a member of the Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT) since 2021, demonstrating his commitment to professional growth and industry involvement.



Marianna Polykrati

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Marianna Polykrati, recently appointed as the Group Treasurer of Avramar Group, one of the largest aquaculture groups in Europe, is a Finance leader, with extensive expertise in Treasury, Corporate Finance, and Banking.


During her career, she has played a key role in the execution of complex M&A and funding transactions and financial crisis management.


Her professional experience includes 16 years in Corporate Treasury as a Group Treasurer in the largest Greek market FMCG Groups of Avramar, Chipita, and Vivartia and eight years in the financial services sector Emporiki Bank in Venture Capital and Leasing, thus gaining insights from both the Corporate and the Financial sector.



Alexandros Bellos

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Page Group


Joanna Bonnett

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Joanna has over 24 years of industry experience and previously held senior leadership roles in finance, including treasury, risk management, insurance, and investor relations. Joanna was appointed Group Treasurer of PageGroup plc in 2017 and then Head of Sustainability and Group Treasury in 2019 and sits on their board-appointed Sustainability Committee. At the end of September Joanna will step down from her Executive role at PageGroup but will continue to sit on their Sustainability Committee. From October, Joanna will act as an independent Chief Sustainability Officer and Treasurer helping the C-Suite and main boards strive for a sustainable prosperous future by partnering with shareholders and banks. In addition, Joanna founded the Green Jobs Foundation an independent charity combating employment risk associated with climate change and serves as President of the board of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Alpha Bank


Chariton Papatriantafyllou, CFA

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Nikolaos Papamichail

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Nikolaos Papamichail is a project manager at 360T Trading Networks (part of the Deutsche Boerse Group), responsible for the coordination, functional specification, quality management and implementation/staging of various internal and external projects.
He possesses a successful track of delivering integrations with corporate clients, bank and non-bank financial institutions on both sell side and buy side. His education includes a B.Sc. in Applied IT from University of Macedonia, Greece and an MSc in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Middlesex, UK.



Iliana Angelakis

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Iliana Angelakis is a seasoned and accomplished treasurer with over fifteen years of experience in finance and treasury operations.


Iliana's recent role as Head of Treasury Fintech at Public Group involves cash, liquidity and debt management, banking relationships, and introducing and implementing new payment providers.


At BEAT, she led treasury and payments across 10 markets, implemented a Treasury Management System, and reduced payment costs. In her prior role at INTRALOT, Iliana managed cash, credit facilities, and intercompany loans. She holds an MSc in Finance, a BSc in Business Administration, and PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

Iliana has been an associate member of the Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT) since 2021, and a Board Member since 2022.


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Kerim Sunguroglu

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KERIM SUNGUROGLU is a financial markets professional based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with a track record of 10 years in Banking, Financial Services, and Technology.
He possesses a wealth of experience in various facets of the industry, including treasury management, trading, and client advisory. His expertise spans foreign exchange, fixed income, money markets, and execution workflows for financial products. Currently serving as a Product Expert in Client Advisory Services at 360T within the Deutsche Boerse Group, Kerim's role involves not only managing new client onboarding and relationships, but also providing training and advice on diverse financial products. Kerim's education includes a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cankaya, Ankara and is fluent in English, German and Turkish.

ING Americas


Alexandros G. Koliavras

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Alexandros Koliavras is a Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance Transformation, and member of the CFO MT at ING Americas.


Alexandros has strong International Finance and Treasury experience with more than 12 years in Corporate, Banking, and Public Administration sectors including but not limited to Corporate Finance, Business Advice, Risk Management, Cash flow analysis, Cash Management, Treasury Control and Operations and Regulatory Liquidity in the US, the Netherlands, UK, and Greece. During his time at Royal Philips, he has been part of the divestment project teams for Lumileds, Woox, and Philips Lighting (Signify). 

Alexandros is also serving as the President and Founding Board member of the Hellenic Association of Treasurers for the past 3 1/2 years, a Board Member of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers, and a Representative of the International Group of Treasury Association representing Greece. 






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